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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 21, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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peter: we'll explain that later. brian: the bad news, i got laid off. the good news, i got to watch three hours of "fox & friends." peter: silver lining. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: good morning and welcome to a friday. tgif. steve doocy taking a little time off. peter here in his place. so the cash for clunkers program finally comes to a halt after $3 billion of the government money to help people buy cars and turn in their clunkers. supposed to go until labor day. but guess what. they're out of cash. and the bigger problem here -- well, there's lots of problems. but the bigger problem is that the dealers have not been reimbursed for this money that they've had to lay out to give people new cars in return for those clunkers. brian: so to get $4,500 maximum
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if you turn in your clunker, if your car gets less than 18 miles per hour. for the post part dealers saying, wow, we have a lot of customers. it's going to end on august 24. that's monday. so this weekend there's going to be a blitz at these dealerships. the dealerships have decided to continue it because a lot of them were upset because they weren't getting reimbursed and it goes on their credit card. peter: $3 billion program and congress is saying this looks like this is it for now. they've sold like 450,000 or 500,000 clunkers at this point. they crush them. get rid of the old one. gretchen: that's how many cars have been turned in and new cars they've sold. peter: so they're declaring it a victory and moving on at this point. gretchen: here's the interesting thing. and a lot of people have asked this question. if the government cannot handle cash for clunkers and reimburse dealers, as they proposed early on, in 10 days, how in the heck can they run health care reform?
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some dealers might have that question. >> i'm not happy right now because i never saw this coming. >> i'm pretty lucky. the only reason i got to do it today is because my wife made me take off of work to do it today. >> we have not been paid on a single claim, have not had an acknowledgement that we will be. so at $3,500, $4,500 times 60, that adds up to a lot of money. brian: general motors on thursday, yesterday, told dealers it would give them cash advances because they understand the strain that they're under so they don't drop out of the program two days early. it's supposed to go until the middle of september. but i also note barack obama talked about this yesterday, said it was an overwhelming success and we had people working round-the-clock on this. peter: in private industry, if you submit a bill, you're lucky to get paid in 30 or 60 days. wasn't it unrealistic that they were going to pay these people in 10 days? wasn't that a false promise to begin with? they didn't keep the promise. how the heck could they do it in
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10 days. gretchen: maybe the car dealers would not have gone along with this program if they were told the truth, that they weren't going to be paid for however many days? who knows? or ever? now they've sold more than the $3 billion that's in the pot. the good news for the american public as far as the taxpayers are concerned is that the government said enough is enough. a lot of people were concerned that this program was just going to go on into oblivion, that they would just keep funding it, that congress would keep saying, hey, this cash for clunkers is so great let's put another billion. so what will be interesting to see is what happens to the car business when this program's over. will all the people now have come out to purchase their cars and will they not come out in the next couple of years then? brian: tell us what you think. have the clunkers worked for you have you bought? are you a dealer? the president of the united states an interesting tact yesterday. after going a couple of days without talking about health carat all he sat down with what
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he considers, some consider, a conserve fife talk show host -- conservative talk show host and had a 25-minute interview in which he took some calls. gretchen: he did. and the president laid out four things that absolutely must be in his idea of what health care reform is here they are. gretchen: must be deficit neutral. i'm not sure what that means. do you? peter: based on the h.r.3100 or whatever number, the big bill is, that there will be an impact. so i don't know where that's coming from. gretchen: it must bend the cost curve. he sounds like an ee condition mist. peter: that's another word for rationzing. gretchen: thank you, peter. insurance reform for all despite preexisting conditions. we've heard that before. peter: and there's agreement with the republicans on that particular issue. the republicans say, yes, we should ensure people for preexisting conditions.
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gretchen: and health exchange similar to what members in congress have. he actually got asked that question by one of the callers on this radio show. she said or he said, hey, a lot of people are concerned members of congress are not willing to take this particular government plan because they've got such a good deal. so maybe, in fact, he would have congress take that. peter: that's a misleading statement because no one is talking about nor has the president spoken about a plan by which ordinary americans get the same plan, the same exchange, the same choices that members of congress have. no one has considered that at all. brian: something else came up, about getting bipartisan support. he wanted to do that from the get-go. he says he's going to do it when it comes to education. but it's never really happened, according to some, on health care. yesterday his quote was "i think early on a decision was made by the republican leadership that says let's not give him a victory, meaning the president of the united states." is that accurate? some would say that he never really reached that. in the house they didn't reach out. in the senate, senator grassley
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was trying to work his way through. they still worked with olympia snowe. but republican senators there, including the leadership felt as though he didn't reach out. gretchen: i think this is a bigger story than we're making it right now. this is a complete blame game yesterday. to go out and say that there's some big conspiracy against this health care reform. people just happen to disagree with it. and what's happening now is that whole nuclear option was coming to the forefront which would mean that the democrats would just force this thing through. so right now they need to sort of put the blame on the republicans because i don't really think they want to do that. they would have to answer to the voters. peter: barack obama is a student of history. i think this foray into victimology is probably a instructive force in some ways. but, you know, hillary clinton did this, i think on "the today show," in the midst of the white house scandal back in the 1990's, that there was a right-wing conspiracy going on against her. so for the president to depict himself as a victim of
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republicans in a public policy debate in order to pull left and progressives, so-called progressives, it's an interesting tactic. does it work? i don't know. brian: michael steele commented on this and offered to challenge back to the president. gretchen: let's move on to some of the headlines. we do have a fox news alert. a small plane has just crashed on approach to new jersey's teterboro airport. two people are hurt but it's not clear how serious their injuries are. the crash closed off a section of the highway near that airport. a hero's welcome coupled with outrage and reconciliation. convicted lockerbie bomber was greeted as a returning hero in libya after his release from a scottish prison yesterday. he's apparently dying of cancer. many of the relatives of those who died on pan am flight 103 are furious using words like spineless and undeserved compassion. caroline stevenson lost her son. but she is forgiving.
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>> i don't have any sense that there's an injustice in this that my message is a mixed message of reconciliation. that's what i would like for it to be. gretchen: stevenson says she didn't have is a chance to speak to her son before he boarded that flight. the target was a taliban commander accused of attacking western troops in afghanistan. a u.s. drone fired a missile into a suspected hideout in pakistan's border region, killing 11. some of the dead are afghans. but it isn't known if saraz hakari was one of them. he runs a powerful militant network. it's believed the u.s. has launched about 40 missile attacks from unmanned drones flown over the bored near pakistan. they're apparently succeeding in killing several top taliban and al qaeda commanders. were photos of undercover c.i.a. officers illegally shown to gitmo detainees? sources say three defense
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attorneys showed their clienlts pictures of c.i.a. officers and contractors. the lawyers were apparently trying to identify operatives who questioned the detainees overseas. the justice department is looking into whether any confidentiality laws were broken. the first hurricane of the atlantic season is packing winds of nearly 120 miles per hour. hurricane bill, a category three storm right now, expected to gain more strength as it churns over the atlantic. puerto rico already seeing large swells. bermuda now under storm warning. hurricane bill could bring dangerous waves and rip tides to the u.s. coast by the weekend. g.o.p. lawmakers blasting senator ted kennedy's request for a quick senate seat replacement. kennedy, who's battling a brain tumor, wrote a letter to governor patrick asking him to change state law. many republicans are calling the request hypocritical. >> when you start mucking around with election laws and start changing the laws to benefit different individuals and different political parties, there's a lot of unintended
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consequences. gretchen: under current law voters would elected a successor within five months of vacancy. but kennedy says he's worried about massachusetts voters not vague voice in the u.s. senate, especially with health care on the table. the windy city has a new resident. what? an alligator. on the loose in the chicago river. workers saw the gator hanging out on a rock. brian: it's small. gretchen: they called police. animal control were called. by that point the gator got away. uh-oh. the gator's still there. boaters beware. brian: you have a moral obligation to capture the alligator or take the alligator that cameraman should have put the camera down and wrestled him in the water. gretchen: you would have done that. brian: that's what i would have done. it's about saving the people of massachusetts of that tiny alligator. gretchen: it's chicago, baby. brian: oh. stay out of it. peter: it would have been in
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massachusetts in about an hour. brian: i nest lever go the -- never let go of the kennedy story. gretchen: coming up, seniors upset about the report for health care reform. can they take their ripped up membership cards and join a new senior group? details on the aarp alternative straight ahead. peter: and a high-speed police chase caught on camera. the thief is trying to make off with a 32-foot boat when it flips off the trailer.
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brian: we've been telling you about this. members quitting the aarp because of the group's support of health care reform. they have a different alternative now. it's actually been out there now but people are finding it for the first time, perhaps. peter: stewart barton, the president of the american seniors association, joins us from atlanta to explain the deal. he's offering to former aarp members. good morning, stewart. >> good morning. how are you? peter: ok so what's the deal you're offering to former aarp members, and how successful have you been? >> well, the american seniors association invites all aarp members to mail us your torn aarp card to for a two for one-year membership with a.s.a. brian: so far about 60,000 have torn them up or said i am out. what do you offer different? >> well, i'll tell what you. what's interesting, brian, is that we've received a lot of cards. i brought a little bag of them right here.
6:16 am
you can see how many folks are sending us their aarp cards all torn up. we've gotten about 10 to 15,000 in just the past few days, brian. brian: 10,000 to 15,000. why would they do that? what are they getting at your association that they wouldn't be getting at aarp? what do you stand for? >> well, our members have a voice. we don't talk out of both sides of our mouths like the aarp does. so we support them. we understand their issues. when you look at this reform bill going through congress, the pi losey bill, i like -- pilosi bill, i like to call it a government-run plan limits patient-doctor choice. an employer mandate kills jobs, lowers wages. i'm going to guess that some of the politicians that are looking at this bill, some like al franken, i'm going to guess that he hasn't run any type of business since the "saturday
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night live" days, selling lemonade backstage. peter: i understand you picked up about 10,000 members even yesterday. what are you doing in terms of helping those members on this health care controversy that's going on? are you lobbying congress? are you reaching out to legislators? what's going on? >> yes. we are reaching out to legislators. we also make it very easy for our members on our website, they can click on contact your congressman, contact your senator. so we make it very simple for folks that go to our website to reach out to them. we urge them to e-mail, fax, call, inundate their offices. we help them do that. brian: one thing i do know you stand for is not going for what you see right now as the house health care or health insurance reform, all the bills that have come through so in particular what about those bills do you think is not in the best interest of seniors?
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>> well, that's simple, brian. the almost $600 billion in cuts to medicare, that's why you're seeing all of these seniors in the town hall meetings expressing their opinions. i think it's a travesty that the democrats and the liberals out there are poo-pooing these folks for basically taking part in the democratic process. brian: the american seniors association offers an alternative to the aarp. they've been around since 2005. check them out. thank you for introducing us to your organization. good luck with those baggies of cutup cards that you seem to get at a staggering rate. thanks for joining us, stewart. peter: a homeowner's horror story. one woman went in for a loan. but instead the bank auctioned off her home and then kicked her out. she's here to tell us her story next. brian: and you're not going to believe when she finally got
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brian: imagine one woman's surprise when she came home and found out she didn't have her house anymore. the bank sold her home at a foreclosure auction after she had applied for a loan. so it was a mistake. gretchen: the homeowner, anna ramirez, joins us now with her amazing story. good morning. >> good morning. gretchen: so tell us what happened. you applied for a loan. the next thing you know some officials are at your door telling you you have to get out now. >> yes. i was doing a modification loan
6:23 am
for my home because i had lost my job. me and my husband at the same time. so we couldn't pay the mortgage anymore so what happened, we went on foreclosure, but then i spoke to the bank and the bank told me that, you know, i could do the modification loans and i qualified. but then i didn't. but i was able to qualify so what i did, i hired a company named london charles. they were the one that helped me with the mod diction loan. modification loan so we were talking to the bank. the bank was finally, you know, everything was fine. he said we have all the documents we need, all the paperwork, everything seemed ok. so we're going to do you the modification loan. but then two days later somebody knocking at my door. i opened the door. and it's somebody saying that they wanted to come in and see the home, my home, because actually they said that it was an auction. i'm like what are you talking about? my house is not auctioning.
6:24 am
brian: so your house is up for auction. then does the sheriff show up and say you got 24 hours to get out? >> yes. and all of that commotion happens. the sheriff arrives. i don't remember the date. i think it was on the 12th, last wednesday. he arrived at my house, telling me that i have to move out. you know, i have i think three hours to move all my stuff out of the house. brian: what did you do? >> i panicked. i called the london charles and told them what was going on. she came over with the documents to show the sheriff which i tried once. he wouldn't see them. then the london charles company came over and her name is marta. she had the oranges. so she was trying to show it to the sheriff. the sheriff wouldn't -- gretchen: i just want to get to the rest of the story because
6:25 am
what happens then they dump out your belongings on to the front loan. it turns out you have to go to court the next day to fight this. and then the judge says, the bank made a huge mistake here, this woman still owns this house but the problem is what did you discover when you got back to your home? >> i discovered all my furniture and stuff, you know, pictures and everything, almost 100% of the stuff, 60% was broken. my furniture. like i said, all my belongings were missing. some of it is missing still. and some of it was broken. it's ridiculous what i had to go through. i didn't have to go through all of this. i don't know who made the mistake. brian: did you not deserve to go through this. this was clearly a mistake. now you're inconvenienced, embarrassed, and your furniture is busted up. where do you go from here? >> i really don't know because
6:26 am
i'm still afraid that somebody's going to come knocking at my door and throw me out again. the bank has not called me yet to let me know anything. i have not heard from anybody to apologize for everything they did to me. gretchen: at least they could tell you an apology. but maybe they could do this, too. maybe if they're watching, they could give you a little reduced rate on your mortgage for a couple of months for throwing you out of your house. thank you for joining us and telling us your very scary story. >> you're welcome. thanks. brian: right or wrong, you shouldn't be busting up people's furniture. you got to approach this thing in a humane way and not throw everything on the lawn. meanwhile, 26 minutes after the hour. police in hot pursuit of a suspect trying to steal a 32-foot boat. the driver doesn't stop until the boat flips over the trailer. we'll show you what happens next. that's the guy. gretchen: plus, strap yourself in for this one. this little guy only 8 years old, flying at 1,000 feet in speeds of over 100 miles per
6:27 am
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>> how about this brett favre guy? he retires, unretires, retires, unretires, retires, unretires. then he retires and unretires. now he's playing for the minnesota vikings. it's not easy. he's getting older. i'm not saying he's old, but he is getting older. before joining the vikings he had to pass a rigorous physical and also a death panel. today pass a death panel. so you know what i'm saying? brian: that was david letterman last night. by the way -- how -- i read today that he was in repeats. peter: he's on vacation. brian: but how can he and cut that? gretchen: that was a very current thing. brian: one of the story was that david letterman is still beating conan in repeats. gretchen: interesting. maybe did he the top 10 live? peter: it's a print story. and print gets old quickly.
6:32 am
brian: and is it the reaction positive for brett favre? gretchen: i have not done an unscientific study yet. however, all of that, as usual in sports, will be determined on whether or not he wins any games. and then people will love him just like michael vick which you'll be talking about in a moment. but let's talk a little bit about this conversation that president obama had with religious leaders around the country. it was on wednesday. it was kind of like a conference call with everyone. that's when he basically said that it was the moral obligation of americans to support health care reform, to take care of all the people in the world who maybe cannot afford it. i know that, peter, you had some thoughts on whether or not this was actually a good thing are a bad thing. peter: the question becomes, if you oppose the big gov care, the obama care, does that mean that you lack moral conviction? does that mean that you trade in fear? does that mean that you are "baring false witness?" depending upon what religion you
6:33 am
believe in, we're talking about the eighth or ninth commandment. and when you talk about baring false witness, in essence, in many religions you're talking about infidelity to god in terms of the faith and trust that god places in us and that we place in him in terms of telling the truth. so this kind of strange religious appeal, this moral appeal that if you're opposed to my health care plan, that somehow you're engaging in moral wrongdoing that there's a moral imperative, a moral absolute, that this is the way to help your brother and sister, that i'm your brother and sister's keeper. that i find to be incredibly offensive. and i think it's incredibly offensive to a lot of people in the judao christian ethics to invoke one of the 10 commandments as an argument for a political argument. brian: here is president obama invoking. that's a verb. >> there's been a lot of misinformation in this debate.
6:34 am
there are some folks throughout who are, frankly, bearing false witness, but i want everyone to know what health insurance reform is all about. gretchen: and on its face i think we had this discussion yesterday. there are so many interesting things to discuss about this because some people were saying yesterday, well president obama has not found a church yet. think he was going to attend camp david potentially. but for somebody to be now invoking religion when it happens been -- hasn't been what apeers to be a huge part of your life is an issue. we're going to be talking about thoughts about the left now seeming to think it's ok to talk religion and politics. but if this were president bush, they would be screaming that we should not marry the two together. peter: if you talk about an offense against the truth, then you are also expressing that someone is really engaging in an absolute infidelity to god which undermines the foundations of a covenant that you believe in. that is very powerful language from a president of the united states. and it's really unprecedented.
6:35 am
and it's interesting that it's being thrown about in this particular form. the last time we really heard that in american history was during the abolition debate when religious leaders, and rightfully so, came to the side of freeing americans, freeing black slaves in this country. but this 10 command meant perspective is a new one on health care debate. brian: listen to this and think about this. it makes sense. it's a tactic. gretchen: of course. brian: because the tactic was first let's get all the e-mail lists of the would-be supporters and send our foot soldiers out to spread the word of health care reform as -- for the democratic perspective. that didn't work. that was an abysmal failure. we know what happened with major garrett's question. says we can't do it that way. then you call 1-800 religious leader, thousand as cross the country and say you spread the message to the people that we know support us so that is another great way to do it and save yourself stamps, direct mail, e-mail and the controversy
6:36 am
that surrounds it. gretchen: but then it brings up the whole controversy of separation of church and state. a lot of those parishioners who go to church every sunday happen to be elderly. and a lot of people would argue that it's not their moral obligation to sign on to a plan that they don't agree with. peter: whatever you do for the least of your brothers you do for me. but when you start calling your brothers and sisters liars for disagreeing. brian: do you remember back in 2005 when war protesters were glorified -- do you remember back in 2005 you had the war pretty testers -- protesters. they were glorified by many as people expressing their rights as americans. not everyone has to agree with the war. you could still be patriotic, we were told. today similar protests are taking place with americans showing their concerns over health care reform. but these people for the most part are being criticized. for example -- >> speak out against these people who i described as evil
6:37 am
mongers. >> you be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that in a town meeting on health care. >> trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. i have no interest in doing it. gretchen: is this a double standard? byron york, "the washington examiner" has some thoughts on this this morning. good morning. >> good morning. back when there were these antiwar protests there was a saying on the left that the senate is patriotic. now the interesting thing is, you know, we still have 130,000 troops in iraq, 68,000 troops in afghanistan. that number is increasing. and we don't see the antiwar protests. and when you do see protests against the president's health care plan, all of a sudden this is, as you just heard harry reid say, evil mongering. it does seem that there is kind of a double standard about what
6:38 am
constitutes legitimate dissent. gretchen: so do you believe that these war protests potentially are still going on and the media is just not covering them, or is it both that they're not happening anymore because of the change in the white house and so the media is not covering them? >> first of all, a lot of the people who were most passionately against the war in the bush years are a bit quiet about it now. there was a convention about a week ago of people who were big fans of the dailycoast website which is a left wing website. a few years ago it was a hotbed of antiwar act vism. the war really animated this certain group of act vism. activism. there was a poll, what's your priority? one was health care two the environment, at the bottom named by just 1% was stopping the war in iraq and afghanistan so there's less of certainly of antiwar fervor. on the other hand, cindy sheehan, the woman made famous in 2005 when she camped outside
6:39 am
george bush's ranch in texas protesting the war is going to martha's vineyard next week when barack obama is vacationing there. she's still protesting but not getting any attention. peter: so are you suggesting antiwar protesters were disingenuous in their antiwar protests merely because president bush was the president? are you suggesting that they should continue with these protests under president obama? >> well, there were certainly some who were more concerned about the wars when wh bush was president than now even though there are still high troop levels in both place and there are american casualties occurring. so -- and certainly sheehan, who i've corresponded with lately, feels that she was a bit used by the left and by the media. but it does seem -- look, if you're against the war because you're against war, it seems like you would be against it today just as much as you were three, four years ago. brian: and might be angry with president obama for upgrading the troop levels in afghanistan because that is not go being --
6:40 am
going away. good per pecktive. -- perspective. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. gretchen: a small town could be the new home of the detainees. obama is sending them to standish. last night residents discussed the idea at a town hall. many of them are against it. >> how can that be a positive? >> they are a true threat. to everybody in this room. gretchen: supporters say the move would keep the prison open and save some jobs. the white house says no decision has been made yet. peter? peter: he spent 21 years in prison. but now kenneth ireland is officially a free man. a connecticut superior court judge dismissed charges against ireland convicted for the rape and murder of a 30-year-old woman. he was just 16 at the time. a new d.n.a. test proved ireland innocent. >> it's been a long time coming.
6:41 am
just got to breathe now. peter: he says he feels amazing but he's looking for his privacy now. gretchen: connecticut police got into a high-speed chase not with a car but with a boat. the incident was caught on dash cam video as police followed the 32-foot whaler at speeds of up to 95 miles an hour on interstate 95. the boat was stolen from diamond marine by a customer who had his heart set on the boat which was already sold to somebody else. the suspect was arrested that could have had tragic consequences. all right, brian. some updated news bay guy who played in the super bowl. brian: quick off the trailer story. we're driving on this busy parkway. it opens up so we take off kind of quick. no one put chains on the trailer. i looked over to the right and said to my friend tommy, tommy, does your boat have a black engine on it? he goes, yeah, why? i go because it just passed us. it got loose and got passed us. i hadn't really seen the boat it dislodged.
6:42 am
luckily it just went off the guardrail. gretchen: you just ate your sports time. you have 20 seconds left. brian: plaxico burress who sently shot himself at a new york club will soon be behind bars. plaxico burress has pleaded guilty to a weapons charge. and in new york city that means the former giants star will go to prison for two years. this is a plea deal. he's formally stenlsed september 22. with good behavior, he could be out in 20 months. he's been suspended by the nfl but will be reinstated once he is out of prison. they made that clear. now a hard-hitting story about a mascot. yes, it's a victory lap this track star will never forget. melanie walker gets a piggyback from the mascot to celebrate her win. she won the championships in berlin. but the bear was apparently running with his eyes closed. he slams into a hurdle cart. the mascot and jamaican star are just fine. that's the problem when you have a phony head on. you can't see out the mouth. gretchen: all right. oh, that wasn't a good ending. brian: right into the neck.
6:43 am
not a happy ending. gretchen: come up, more boat stories. just kidding. are democrats demanding sensitive information from insurance company? they're trying to push through health care reform. are they overstepping their authority? brian: napolitano is here. peter: they call this wing walking. this 8-year-old boy set a world record for the youngest person ever to do if. he's going to join us live next. brian: and if you're heading out the door to work or to drop off the kids, you can still listen to us on sirius or x.m. because we love satellite radio, too. we just don't look as good. fall hunting classic with these amazing daily specials. thursday only the caldwell lead sled is only $75 and friday only a 3-pack of thunderhead broadheads is only $14.94.
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peter: we're back at 46 minutes after the hour. twitter is adding a new feature so users can now show their location. twitter creators say it will be great for use at big events like concerts or natural disasters. natural disasters? hope not. customers at starbucks may get a jolt today. only it won't be from their coffee. the coffee giant will begin raising prices on some of its more complicated benches. they're all complicated. for example, a venti carmel maccioto will cost a quarter more. some drinks will be slightly cheaper. brian? gretchen: how apropos to be talking coffee before these two guests. thank you, peter. brian: sometimes democrats are demanding sensitive information from insurance companies as they try to push through health care reform so are the lawmakers overstepping their authority? and what is so bad about insurance companies all of a sudden? gretchen: fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano joins us. >> the government wants to demonize insurance companies because it wants them to give in
6:48 am
like it got banks to give in and big pharma to give in. if it can get the insurance companies to cave by intimidating them, then it has less opposition to the socialization of medicine. gretchen: but how dare they send letters to private companies asking for all of their financial personal information about salaries and all. they don't have to hand that over. do they? >> they don't have to hand it over. they don't have a right to it and congressman waxman knows this. some of what he wants are already public. these are publicly traded corporations. the security and exchange commission, the s.e.c., requires that this information be available for investors. you go to a website called oscar, which everybody in the business knows this. a couple of clicks, you can get whatever you want. but what they want is salaries of people below the level that the s.e.c. requires be employed. they want to know who took what vacation time, who took what trip, what reimbursements they put in, what educational programs they took. brian: they're saying if they're going to make the insurance companies the bad guys, now they're going to have proof.
6:49 am
why are your rates so high? because billy johnson, the c.e.o., was on a retreat, to ak packio, and makes way too much money. >> do you remember the craze over the a.i.g. bonuses and how certain advocacy groups sent people to the homes of these a.i.g. officials? they want to do the same thing with these insurance companies. brian: would you recommend they resist? >> i say to these insurance companies if the government writes you a letter like that don't answer it. and if they send you a subpoena, hire a lawyer and move to get that subpoena quashed. you will prevail. because the same government that wants your records, guess what has laws that says they can't get it. gretchen: very interesting point. judge napolitano, have a fabulous time off. we'll miss you while you're gone. >> i'll see you in a couple of hours. brian: the only guy that gets a haircut for his vacation. this little guy hitching a ride on the plane. his name is tiger. he just set a record for wing walking. do you think he was scared? we'll ask him. his grandfather is flying. .
6:50 am
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6:53 am
gretchen: chem out this video it's a bird, it's a plain? no, it's tiger brewer setting a british record. youngest boy ever to perform a wing walk. 1,000 feet above the ground. was he scared? brian: tiger and his mom join us now. tiger, were you scared? >> yeah, really, really scared. >> then why did you do it? [ laughter ] >> he has been asking my dad to do it since he was 3 years old. it's in the -- something he felt like he could do.
6:54 am
brian: my son asked me for a web constituency. i resisted ford a while. i gave in after a year. i realized it's a stuffed animal that you log on. real quick, tiger, did you ever do anything like this before that got you prepared for this? >> >> except for the roller coaster, no. gretchen: i bet this was a heck of a lot scarier than that. put this in perspective for us. this is your father's business. in fact, your father was operating the plane that your son was flying on top of right there. you trusted this expedition because of that? >> 100%. i have done it myself before. i wouldn't let him do it if i didn't know it was completely 100% safe. my dad may be a stunt man but he is the safest pilot you will ever below the. he is mr. health and safety with his grandson there it was far
6:55 am
safer than climbing a tree in the garden. peter: when you were up there walking on that wing what are you thinking? what did you say to yourself? >> i was thinking about what it was going to be like when i'm landing and how amazing it was up there. brian: tiger, the big question is, will you do it again? >> yes. gretchen: yes. i guess he has got the bug. brian: you are courageous. gretchen: you were doing this to try to set a world record of the. the guinness people have not verified that it is a world record but you believe it is? >> yes, it's definitely a world record. we are waiting to hear from guinness. whether it's a world record or not it's definitely a world record. tiger has beaten it by quite a few years. peter: are you the new peter
6:56 am
pan. you know peter pan don't you? >> no. gretchen: he is definitely a dare devil. one brave mom as well and a family that obviously has this in their blood. tiger and zoey brewer, great to talk to you this morning. congratulations. >> thanks. brian: peter pan not real tiger very real. very courageous. peter: wrestle an alligator next with you. gretchen: coming up in the next two hours for a friday. were photos of under cover agents shown to detainees. is their cover blown? peter: proposal like you have never seen before. the real question is did she say yes? steve: she is my lie cyrus's dad. used to have an achy breaky heart. billie ray cyrus is going to be here to tell us what he is doing to feed the hungry. he is coming up on today's show.
6:57 am
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broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. gretchen: tgif, everywhere, it is friday, august 21st. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. he was convicted in one of the most ruthless terror attacks of all time. the bombing of flight 103. now that salesman a free man. we get reaction from outraged families who lost loved ones in the lockerbie bombing. peter: the president blaming the media for obsessed with health care reform plans. >> there is something about august going into september where everybody in awght gets all we weed up. peter: what can the president do to start controlling the we we messed on health care once again. we have a few ideas. steve.
7:01 am
brian: that's a pronoun i never thought would be used back-to-back in that sentence. michael vick for dogs. would you let your dog wear a michael vick jersey? our senior producer doesn't she doesn't want me to use her name so i will not say jen williams. >> thanks, brian. brian: thank you very much. did you hear that too? this is called the ice cold open. over in south carolina, in the morning hour, get your power, listen to the trio because we know and we ain't lion, so good morning from peter, gretchen, and brian. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute ♪ brian: billie ray cyrus the man in the middle will be joining us very shortly talking about his brave role in the hannity freedom concerts. talking about a great new way to feed the hungry. and, of course, what's it like being a super star yourself and
7:02 am
having a super star daughter. gretchen: super star sitting in for steve is peter johnson jr. and we want to talk about cash for clunkers today. guess what? it turns out that the biggest clunker in the cash for clunkers program may be the program itself. shutting down on monday. a lot of car dealers are worried they will be left in the lurch. all right, malini, this program was supposed to go through labor day on second extension of $2 billion making the total of 3 billion. what happened? >> it's going to end monday 8:00 p.m. eastern. that's when they predict the 3 billion-dollar budget will be used up. it is calling the program wildly successful. >> be a part of jump starting the economy. jump starting the car manufacturers, putting sales men back to work in show rooms. helping scrap yards finally get
7:03 am
some business. >> now, of course, cash for clunkers started out as 1 billion-dollar program in late july but nearly ran out of money in a week. so then congress tripled its budget. deals on the books worth $2 billion. it's given auto dealers a boost at least for the short-term. g.m. plans to rehire 1300 workers and hyundai recalled 3,000 workers in alabama. but, here is the hitch. some dealers are nervous about collecting their clunker rebate money from the government. the program offers up to $4,500 for cirms to trade -- consumers to trade in clunkers for cars. only about 7% of the claims have been paid. the president says there is nothing to worry about. this is a high class problem to have we are selling too many cars too quickly and there is some backlog in the application
7:04 am
process. it is getting fixed. now, the administration says they have added processors to handle the backlog. analysts predict after this cash for clunkers money up pretty slow sales. gretchen: questions on that unanswered program. we want to read some tweaks this last hour what you thought about the cash for clunker's program. here is one from somebody who tweeted. i told a car dealer socialist money when he offered the $4,500 for used truck. somebody else said the only thing cash for clunkers shows consumers will spend money when you give it to them. that's pretty true. if you hand out money, people will take it. peter: $3 billion. brian: continue to right us on this. talk about barack obama's health care plan. he guarantees it will pass. the reason why it is having so much. the republican party had a plan and they're sticking to it.
7:05 am
>> i would love to have more republicans engaged and involved in this process. i think early on a decision was made by the republican leadership that said, look, let's not give him a victory. maybe we can have a replay of 1993 and 1994. he failed on health care and we won in the midterm elections and we got the majority. gretchen: that's interesting now because apparently when his plan had not been working that well it appears that the president is opting to the political game of blaming the other side. that could be dangerous. michael steele yesterday who of course is the g.o.p. chief. he fought back immediately and said ok, if you want to pass this thing without a bipartisanship effort. go ahead and do that nuclear option. brian: he dared him. gretchen: he dared him to do it. go ahead and pass the bill. they know it's poisonous. has the potential for alberto backlash. if the president thinks the people are mad now. imagine when that angry mob as
7:06 am
they have been called comes to the polls the next time they will show how mad they are. peter: i thought there was a complaint that the evil mongers were getting too much involved with the process. so now to have a call from republicans to get involved with the process and then to say that somehow there has been a conspiracy by the american people not the leadership, the american people to undo the president out of the plan he wants. it's kind of a strange comment that you know, millions of americans would be doing this personally to effect the political virtues of the president. brian: let's see a poll from conservative newspaper, the "the washington post." let's see what they think, the american people think about how barack obama is doing selling his health care plan. now they sprongly approved in august by a term of 4%. this is where we are at right now. 42% strongly disprove. 50% now disprove. then on top 46% approve.
7:07 am
in april it was 57% in support of this bill. gretchen: let's look at another panel there if we can. do you support or oppose having the government create a new health insurance plan to compete with private insurance? in june 62% like it and now 52%. peter: rose 13%. brian: the problem is, and we have been conkling it. you haves about theed it democrats are not on board with. this the house bill and senate bill are nowhere near each other. senator conrad, democrat said the public option is dead in the senate. we should give up that ghost. and on the other side, the blue dog democrats weren't for it even though the speaker of the houses i will not sign off on a plan that doesn't have a public option. where is the republican friction? gretchen: what i gleaned from
7:08 am
yesterday is the president has to blame the republicans now because there is so much infighting in his party. he has to blame the republicans because he doesn't want the attention on his own party we will come up with a debate on this with our panel. to the other topic yesterday. live coverage here on fox of that terrorist responsible for the locker buy bombings that killed 270 people over scotland back in the 1980s that he was released, as a matter of come bags because apparently he is dying of cancer. the scotland courts released him back to libya where he received rock star treatment at home. this is video of him coming off of the bus to get on the plane to go back home to libya. he has on a nike hat. brian: i would imagine they hate it. peter: i would imagine so. brian: doesn't want to be seen. comes out of a prison for a crime he claims he never did.
7:09 am
goes on this plane with very little fan fair. when he gets off. despite warnings from president obama and others. they treated him as a rock star. the cover of the triply newspaper says our hero has returned. peter: gut wrenching for all of us. sickening on a very simple level. this is a fellow who was a libyan intelligence officer. and he was the head of the security for libya-arab airlines. so there was a trial. and, in fact, there was a confirmation and admission, i think, back in 2003 by libya that they were responsible for this bombing. there were appeals pending, but, you know, then this guy put out a statement that basically he was somehow being deprived of his right to go forward with the appeal by going home. so it's incredible that scotland engaged in this so-called compassionate release for this mass murderer of people, some of home were alive on impact back
7:10 am
in 198. alive on impact from 30,000 feet. brian: 11 died on the ground in scotland and they still let him out. 69 were americans. that happened december 31st in 1988. it seems like yesterday. would we let bin laden out? would we let hitler out because they were sick? peter: under our law you might let bin laden out there. is a provision in the american law bureau of prisons petitions the federal court to allow someone under extraordinary conditions. gretchen: the federal court in the u.s. would not let bin laden out. out. peter: it could happen potentially. brian: the way people live with prostate cancer he could live for a while. gretchen: so many people do survive. some people do die. we will keep you posted as well. afghanistan's top presidential
7:11 am
contenders both claiming election victory. early results won't be out until tomorrow. incumbent president karzai and abdullah abdullah both say they may have more than half the votes. voter turn out was low. still being called success because no serious violence occurred. the taliban massive destruction and carried out 135 attacks in recent weeks killing 26 people. are military lawyers defending gitmo detainees outing undercover cia officers. there are reports that three lawyers showed pictures of cia officers to their clients. reportedly trying to identify agents who may have used harsh tactics oversee. investigating because that would be a problem if you outed the identities. well-dressed mystery man found wandering around central park with amnesia has been identified. edward lighthart by a colleague after his picture was published
7:12 am
in the paper. he is said to be a world traveller, history buff and fluent in three languages. questions remain. they have no clue how he ended up in seattle or why he apparently lost his memory. brian: all that travelling. gretchen: an ohio woman was floating on air when her boyfriend popped the question. jason kale spelled out a marriage proposal in 20-foot plastic letters in a wheat farm and took his girlfriend up in a plane to see it all. alicia decker was a little stunned when she read the question. her new husband to be got help from his father who farms and flies the small plane. what a cute idea. brian: better off just going to a game and putting it up there in the 7th inning. go up there and take a look at the board yes or no. if she says no, you leave. gretchen: whole entire stadium sees it. brian: that's good as opposed to the plane. gretchen: the white house has been changing their stance on health care reform leaving
7:13 am
americans more questions than answers. our political panel breaks down the presidential communication problem next. peter: headlining sean hannity's freedom concerts taking place across the country. raise go ahead money for military families. billie ray cyrus is going to join us on the curvy couch. maybe one of the most important... gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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[ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. >> i guarantee you. we are going to get health care reform done. gretchen: that was president obama using his radio interview with michael as a forum to continue to push health care reform. but how can americans rally behind the plan when his message seems to change daily. i'm joins by republican
7:17 am
political consultant. talk radio news bureau chief and fox news contributor ellen rattner and chief business correspondent "u.s. news and world report." good morning to all three of you. ellen, let's start with you. the message does continue to change. as great as communicator as president obama is, he has been off cue on his message. >> they have screwed this up. i will tell you what he needs to do. he needs to get up with a little blackboard like ross perot did and win 90% of the vote. he needs to say this is what health care is going to cost. this is what it is going to cost if we don't do it and answer people's questions. it's just a complete rumor that we're going to pay for abortions and whatever. make it clear and say to the right go attack it if you want. here it is, buy the time if necessary, make it very clear power point use a blackboard presentation down home and like the fire side chats of roosevelt. gretchen: one of the problems boris is w. that maybe if he does actually lay it out he will
7:18 am
get even more criticism. >> absolutely. the problem is the president nor are speaker pelosi or harry reid could do it because it is over 1,000 page bill and any of the copies that we have seen, any one of the bills. and so then first if they could do it i would be surprised, second of all, if they did do it, we would see things in there that are very troubling to the american people. once you read into the bill you are seeing things in there that are not as exactly as they are being put out there. >> it's not even clear which plan is obama's plans. there are five bills in congress right now. most americans aren't sitting home paging through thousands of pages of legislation. warren buffet, the famous investor has a saying. i don't invest in anything i don't understand. keep it simple. this is extraordinarily complex. and most people don't understand what plan obama is talking about. gretchen: continuing to blame millions of the measure hermine who have come out to protest this in town hall meetings or continuing to blame republicans by saying they didn't want this
7:19 am
thing from the beginning. wouldn't it be easier to spell it out? >> yeah. >> take a step back and remember what happened from the very beginning. this president came out and said you know what? i want congress to do this. pelosi and reid. >> paying the price. >> we all agree it's a big mistake. >> he has inserted himself and there has been a big lash back from that is he seeing for the first time in his career he is failing on an issue so he is lashing out. >> i believe in the obama health care plan. he has got to communicate it better. he does have a plan. he has to let the american people know what it is. gretchen: we will see if he listens to you, ellen and gets out that blackboard and writes it down. gretchen: meantime the president calls on religious leaders to pass health care reform. is this move hypocritical since he slammed president bush for doing the same thing? >>no cops on a -- thief leads police on a wild ride.
7:20 am
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gretchen: president obama calling on religious leaders to help spread the word about the moral need for health care reform. but should the president really be asking for a political push from the pulpit? we're back with our political panel. all right, rick, let me start with you on this one. to me, i felt like this was a huge step either in the right direction or a big step in the wrong direction for barack obama. >> or both at the same time. gretchen: it's slightly disingenuous to now call on the religious community when you didn't observe national prayer day and you haven't really found a church yet in washington, d.c. >> there is plenty of moral outrage and backlash to this. what it demonstrates to me is he can't find -- is he trying to
7:24 am
figure out who are my foot soldiers in this battle. is he now going to the churches which are obviously well known for being able to muster lots of support for an issue. now he has gotten a backlash to this. he just can't find an army of people to be out there and be his missionaries for this cause. gretchen: is it the moral obligation of people? does that mean that people who disagree with his health care reform plan are not religious. >> i personal buy think it's a moral imperative. when president begins to do what he has done in terms of bringing in and it's one thing to bring in the foot soldiers, it's another thing to declare it as sort of part of a god-given thing as president of the united states. he is also president of atheists and he has to be very, very careful. i think he got uncareful. >> part of the first amendment not establishment clause separation of church and state non-coercion. jane dough case in -- jane doe
7:25 am
case in texas. justice o'connor said biggest part of that amendment is not coerce people. people do not feel like they are worse than others. does this say if you do not believe in health care you are a bad christian or bad jew? it's terrible. that's not what bush did. gretchen: what about the outrage of barack obama invoking religion and the separation of church and state. they would have crucified him. >> president of the americans for separation of church and states is apparently left. i used to do a radio station with hill. is he outraged. he has been quoted all over the place saying do not do. this there is left outrage. don't say there isn't. >> president bush used to say he used to look for higher being for guidance. very different than saying going to your churches and go to your mosques and tell people their religion that your god -- >> atheists did that. >> your god is telling to you vote for this health care plan. >> did that with the gay
7:26 am
marriage. gretchen: get back where we started. >> this gets back to the drift of the message. the real problem with health care is that it costs too much. now, hearing from the pulpit about health care cost and bending the -- it's obviously a total disconnect. that's where he is at. so far away from what the message really needs to be. now it's just going -- >> i think there should have been a -- not to do. he needs to explain that to the american people. >> this has been absolutely mishandled from the very beginning. now he is grasping for straws and that's where it is. gretchen: amazing all three agree on that particular point. have a great weekend. do we have a doctor shortage? staggering stat about how little some doctors get paid and what this could mean for health care reform. joy ride with a thunder bird. police on hot pursuit. what happened next. he broke on to the seat with achy breaky heart. 17 years ago already? billie ray cyrus tells us what he is doing now to feet hungry.
7:27 am
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brian: song is called mirror, mirror. you guessed it it's friday, you are up. it's the all american summer concert series. that is diamond rio. not only do they have a cd out, they have a book out. they are going to be playing for us all morning long to make sure your weekend gets off to a great start. peter: they are good. gretchen: you know some little trivia on diamond rio they have been together for almost three decades, the same guys, the same band. you will meet them when we go outside for a concert. if you in the new york area come on by we are at 447th and sixth. -- -- 47th and 6th. brian: adel followed me. i realized she has 15,000 people are following her. peter: i saw her walking out with you to your limousine. she was right behind you yelling
7:32 am
brian. brian: i said absolutely. gretchen: in brian's dreams. brian: i realized she was following 15,000 people. brian: following you on twitter. gretchen: while you continue to debate who is following whom. hurricane bill is still churning in the atlantic and could bring rip tides. it could get stronger. bermuda could see flooding. that's where president clinton is right now. brian: michael douglas does a bunch of stuff over there. europe would take six detainees. france scotland. portugal and spain are open to the idea with more countries considering it. two prisoners are set to be transferred to ireland. to two more to portugal. 22 prisoners remaining at gitmo and some are rumored to be going
7:33 am
to michigan. peter? peter: thank you. the world health organization is urging countries arranged the world to step up swine flu prevention programs. it says in the fall cases will begin to double every four days. one case will turn into millions in the matter of months potentially. the threat is even more serious in developing countries, so far swine flu has killed 1800 people around the world. gretchen? gretchen: a michigan teen swipes a classic car and leads police on incredibly wild chase. it's all caught on camera. boy stole a thunder bird and drove it across the street and the lawns in northern michigan causing thousands of dollars in property damage. eventually cornered in a driveway where he backed into a police car. the teen now sitting in jail on numerous charges as you can imagine. peter, would you represent him? peter: i try to represent as many people as i can. gretchen: he took the fifth. peter: thank you so much, brian, for the coffee.
7:34 am
where is the best place to raise a family in the list is out. "u.s. news and world report" looked at 2,000 different places across the country before flame naming the top ten places to grow up. virginia beach, virginia, san jose, california, madison, alabama, made the list. denver got honored for reputation as one of the country's safest cities, low crime rates, strong school systems and nearby family events all factor into the decision. brian is jumping for joy. gretchen: he obviously had his caffeine. brian: peter couldn't make a decision. peter: i was waiting for coffee and brian wouldn't buy me coffee. brian: next door wonderful people. i hope i don't have to pay for the next one. super bowl hero who shot himself in the thigh. plaxico burris has agreed to a two year prison sentence. he could have gotten three and a half. he will formally be sentenced
7:35 am
with good behavior he could be out in 20 months. if you follow his career he hasn't had good behavior. the wide receiver has been suspended by the nfl but will be reinstated. once he gets out of prison he will be 34. the wide receiver known as chad ocho cinco can add a new title to his resume. game winning kicker. he had the kick yesterday for cincinnati. the wide receiver did. kicker shane gram got hurt. he took the place. look how deep he goes right about to the 25-yard line. he kicked the extra point. he ended up scoring the game winner. win 7-6 over the patriots. pretty good kickoff skills. he evidently is a big time soccer player. ocho cinco i bet he tweeted about that because is he a big twitter. i'm going to work my way back to the big couch. talk a little bit more about the world of sports. because something outrageous happened. gretchen: you are talking about
7:36 am
michael vick. some people think that being back in the nfl is outrageous. brian: i don't. i'm glad he is back. gretchen: give him another chance. now michael vick number seven eagles' jersey will not be appearing in dick's sporting good stores which are very popular in the midwest but we'll get more on that later in main. are they going to be making the nfl, i guess it is, shirts for dogs? what are they thinking? brian: they do make nfl shirts for dogs to have a vick jersey available for your cocker spaniel or pit bull or golden retriever depicted there is so insensitive. peter: why? they said he could play. brian: electric ciewght and drowning dogs. peter: it's worse you are allowing him to play. upset about the shirt. trech gretchen he did go to federal prison. peter: i don't know how people make choices, i guess. brian: the envelope always does
7:37 am
things right and they have been so ---the nfl always does things right. he is working with the humane society. is he working to educate others on this issue. we don't see a problem with it. would you put a number 7 jersey. peter: it's sick. brian: on man's best friend. gretchen: you told me something i did not know this morning. brian: which is rare. i can't wait to hear the end of the sentence. gretchen: i heard myself saying that i started to laugh. i'm sorry. all quarterbacks, they make jerseys for dogs? brian: yeah. it's a common things. people want to put a jersey on the dog go to and go to shop. steve: quarterbacks make jerseys for dogs? gretchen: no. maybe if they didn't make one for michael vick that that would garner more attention than making one for him. brian: didn't think it would be appropriate for michael vick to have a dog jersey. >> that dog will never wear.
7:38 am
brian: that is the voice of jen williams. gretchen: there she is with her fist clinched see it. peter: it's sick. brian: it's comfortable v neck. dick sporting goods will even sell the normal nfl jersey, authentic fabricated jersey because they want to gauge the interest in it first. so not that having this lofty moral standing, they are not sure they could sell them yet. gretchen: why don't they come out and say they don't want to sell it because they don't agree with the fact he is back playing football. peter: cleats for the dogs, too? brian: good thing about dogs they come with cleats. peter: warm supporter dogs. gretchen: i'm out of this one. when it comes to support. i have got to take a hike. brian: stop debating whether michael vick should come back because he is back and he is
7:39 am
playing. is it tasteless for nfl to sell nfl jerseys for dogs. peter: the nfl is doing it? that's incredible. gretchen: nfl sells jerseys. peter: so, brian, where is the coffee? brian: "fox & friends" or twitter dash cot slash kilmeade and tell me what you think. gretchen: remember when half the kids in your grammar school class wanted to grow up be doctors. that's not the case anymore although my daughter wants to be one. the short damage will be severe effect on healthcare system. peter: he has achy breaky heart. billie ray cyrus, a happy man, is going to tell us how he is helping to put food on the table for those most in need. and if you are heading out the door right now or want to drop off your kid, still listen to us on sirius or xm because we are on there i listen all weekend.
7:40 am
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peter: america may be facing a growing crisis. a shortage of primary care physicians. baby beamers getting older and the possibility of universal coverage now looming, how can we save the system? brian: president of the american academy of family physicians and a practicing primary care doctor. this is is staggering numbers. the primary care doctors have dropped off 51% since 1997. why? >> well, there is a lot of factors going on. the biggest one is that medical students are not choosing to go into primary care. they are choosing to go into subspecialty areas because they can make a lot more money. and at a time when we need
7:44 am
health care reform and we must have more primary care physicians to care for this country, we are seeing our medical students choose to go into subspecialties. peter: doctor, you are opposed to government-run insurance, tell us why? >> well, actually, we believe that government-run insurance is part of health care reform. not the total answer but a very substantial part of the answer because for america to have health care reform it must be balanced between our federal government, our public, and our private systems, all of that together will help provide this country with the type of health care reform we need. brian: if i'm going to medical school, i have an average expense between 140 and $200,000 because i'm going to be taking out loans unless i come from a healthy family. primary care doctors make between 120 and 190. if i see this, i am probably going to be a specialist, too. because it doesn't pay to be a
7:45 am
primary care physician. how do we make it worth everyone's while? >> right. so several things there we must pay primary care physicians, family doctors better for what they do. they do a ton of stuff to keep people healthy on the front end of the healthcare system. focusing on wellness and health promotion as opposed to the back end of the healthcare system where we do a lot of procedures and lot of imaging and tests from people. if we can keep them from needing that in the first place that's where health happens. brian: charge more where the president is saying it costs too much here in this country. >> well, actually, if we invest on the front end in keeping people healthy, exercising, stop smoking, moderate their drinking, manage their diabetes, their hypertension, that's where the savings come in the system. that's where the doctors are needed. peter: what's the biggest piece that's missing on the president's health care revamp? >> one of the biggest piece is the president obama and
7:46 am
president obama needs to focus on the delivery system. if we don't have enough of the right -- it's like giving everybody free bus passes but we only have two busses to put them on. brian: neurosurgeons give their money away to family practitioners. >> that's for the system to design. if we can focus on what it is we are trying to purchase for america, which is better health, we need to invest on the kind of doctors that will deliver that better health. brian: it's a growing problem and family physicians aren't appreciated enough for such a valuable role. problems are only going to get worse unless that is addressed. peter: who is here? gretchen is here. gretchen: look who just walked in billie ray cyrus. so great to see you here. he is going to be coming up to talk to us about his powerful father-daughter relationship, as well as what he is doing tonight with sean hannity, right? and your hunger program. >> and how great it was to hear diamond rio out there playing on
7:47 am
the way. in. gretchen: they are all part of our band performance later on today. >> fantastic. gretchen: did you know this in 1959 hawaii became the nation's autoth state? >> did i not know that. >> 12 people arrested in terror plot that led to the ban on liquids on airplanes. on this date in 2001, fallin by alicia keys number one record. right back with billie ray. ♪ ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine,
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7:50 am
gretchen: sean hannity's freedom con sertsz taking place this month across the country and raising money for military families. brian: is he helping the hungry
7:51 am
in a unique program that you take part in with just a click on that computer you are watching us on, perhaps. wonderful guy billie ray cyrus joins us in the studio. welcome back to "fox & friends." >> thanks. brian: first visit to the actual couch though, correct? >> first couch i have been on. brian: i have seen your sitcom. >> i have been in hollywood too long. gretchen: nothing like this curvy couch. you will be doing concerts in cincinnati tonight with sean hannity. >> cincinnati tonight. we are looking forward to it i don't know if you saw the footage you just put up. if you take another look at it, you will see the veterans on stage and. look at the right man behind me there, see from his knees down. red man in red shirt a bomb went off and burned his entire body. these young brave soldiers are coming out to these shows. we are seeing their sons and
7:52 am
daughters that are lost their moms and dads and being able to present them with scholarships and help them go to school, and you just see the love, devotion, and the american people saying thanks to the veterans. that's really been an honor to be a part. brian: lee greenwood and charlie daniels is there. go to sean hannity's web site and all the money goes to families and survivors. >> michael w. smith comes out there with just his piano. is he an amazing performer. gretchen: i was going to say he is a great artist. >> a lot of phone charlie and lee greenwood. they came out and it was magic. gretchen: some people would say you are kind of a busy guy. not only are you doing these concerts. not like you are kicking back this summer. you are trying to feed the hungry, too? what's that about? >> great program that hell mandz came up with. feeding america combined with
7:53 am
mel -- helman. go the to internet and build a sandwich. they will match that with seven lunches for feeding america. finance fun. a sandwich comes up. you build whatever you want to build. gretchen: double-decker. >> main one is it is feeding a lot of hungry people. there is a lot of folks out there that go to bed with their stomachs growling these days. brian: put a lot into acting and giving back with the the singing, too. fervently pro mayonnaise. >> we got a new single out right now it's called "good day." the word is it is spreading like mayonnaise on radio. taking off. singing it at the show he is. great, great radio stations are adding it as we speak this very leak. it's really spread like wildfire. we're having a ball with it.
7:54 am
brian: so much to learn from you. one thing we are going to be doing is raising teenagers. must be hard when a 14, 15, 16-year-old has a head of steam. what do you do when they have k. have their own car and plane miley cyrus. how do you influence someone with that type of power? >> only thing can i tell you is if you get a chance, listen to a song of mine called ready, set, don't go. it's a song that i wrote as miley was leaving for california california. i didn't plan on writing a song that day. i was just a daddy releasing his emotions. i picked up my guitar and wrote this song ready, set, don't go. when you hear that song, that's what it's going to feel like when that moment comes and there is really nothing can i say to give that you preparation to be ready for that other than brace yourself, you know. because, you know, there is going to come a time where you have to let go and let life take its course.
7:55 am
gretchen: well, certainly taken a great course for her. we were commenting when we knew you were coming on the show. she has a fabulous voice. some pop stars don't have incredible voices but she has an incredible voice. >> she really does have incredible voice. gretchen: i wonder where she gotcha. >> i would like to take credit but i think it's more my mom and dad and their mom and dad. my family's history from the time they came years ago scotland and ireland, they all played stringed instruments and always made music from the heart. they would play what they feel. and i think i inherited it. i think miley inherited it and trace. my whole family. i don't know if you have seen my little girl. she sings -- brian: would you just retire already kick back and live off
7:56 am
your kids? what are you thinking? >> got a lot of hungry people out there. brian: with the hellmans program you are doing that. >> start a new movie up in vancouver. new movie with jackie chen and lopez. brian: are you making some of this up because you are way too busy? gretchen: not busy enough to stick around for the top of the hour. he is going to join geraldo because it's friday and that means geraldo is in the house. biffle -- billie ray is going to talk about news headlines as well. brian: something happening down at ground zero. cash for clunkers runs out of glass after a short road trip is this another case why the government should not be running the car business or health care? gretchen: all american summer on "fox & friends" continues. the summer concert series rio diamond. >> yeah diamond rio?
7:57 am
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you will lose weight. >gretchen: thank you for sharing your time with us this morning. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute cash for clunkers run out of money again in the dealers have not been paid. we will tell you why is a good idea to visit your local car dealerç today. brian: health care is a guarantee. at least that is what the president is saying. >> i guarantee you we will get health care reform done. peter:ç well the president be able to walk the walk? brian: i cannot read this with this kind of talent next to me, rather rivera? -- geraldo rivera?
8:01 am
>> why exactly where they chasing a $100,000 boat on dry land, brian? brian: that is our next story. >> these slogans are from corny ville. "fox and friends." ♪ gretchen: diamond rio is kicking off our all-american conference series. thank you for sharing your friday with us.
8:02 am
a star-studded cast with geraldo rivera and billy ray cyrus. not to some headlines. çthe taliban commander accusedf attacking western troops in afghanistan is attacked by a u.s. drone by u.s. militants. -- u.s. military. in is not known ifç the top official was killed. the u.s. has launched about 40 grown attacks and have succeeded in killing time, then and al qaeda leaders. more photos of cia officers shown illegally to get none detainee's. they were apparently trying to identify operatives who questioned the detainee's overseas. the justice department is looking to see if any confidentiality laws were broken.
8:03 am
police tried to break up this fight in washington, d.c. the video made it online, and police ended up making a few arrests. police say this is a good way to fight crime, saying that thousands but these videos online. a seven-year old -- eight-year old girl falls seven stories and survives. the accident happened early morning when the family was sleepinglç so it is unclear how she fell. she is still in critical condition but her family and friends believe that she was destined to live. çby the way, peter johnson jr.s here today.
8:04 am
gretchen: you have the same tattoos. two of my three girls are teenagers, so your story resonates deeply with fathers. you wonder how much freedom you give them. i fight that fight with my kids. my 16-year-old complains that i am most onerous and controlling dad in school. ç"don't you trust me, that?" of course, i trust you. çhere you are, on stage, and yr parenting skills are questioned by everyone in the media, like me. brian: my daughter is starting
8:05 am
to drive. let's talk about dumb thing that both of you are passionate about. december 1988. and air plane over scotland when down and over 200 people died, including people on the ground. geraldo, your take on the release of one of the men involved? >> i have a complex reaction, and i know that the prosecution, over this guy was troubled. they convicted him that essentially on the testimony of a shopkeeper on the island of malta who said that he sold him a shirt. tattered remnants of that church were found near the bomb. çthat was then later severely questioned, and now he was granted an appeal. i think you can question -- and
8:06 am
my heart goes out to these victims, whether or not he çshould have been released. my not just house arrest? i think this resonates more about libya and more dufty than it does about the justice system. we were promised he would not receive a hero's welcome and would go home the back door. instead we see this display. gretchen: isn't this a slap in the face to america and the victims' families? >> i think they should have just kept him locked up. no matter the reason. brian: look at the heroes' welcome. if you had a family on that flight, and you hear about this. >> a lot of the stuff going on
8:07 am
in our world right now does not make sense. the peter: doesn't -- peter: doesn't is to encourage terrorism? çhe was convicted for mass murder, but now he walks off the supply in a business suit, in a nike hat. >>ç i still think this boils dn to libya and how we treat that country. this is an indication that things are not perfect. gretchen: they did admit that they took part in the lockerbie bombing. >> in is it a lot more layered. his appeal was going to be heard, but i think billy ray
8:08 am
cyrus hit it on the head. this is an insult. brian: let's talk about something else that is happening on ground zero, where the south tower once stood. one of four means is going to return to that site, and immemorial will be built. -- a memorial will be billed. this thing is huge. now they are going to bring this back to show that we are >> i just then there needs to be a great memorial. this possibly could be it. i was inç toronto, canada, in a morning of 9/11.
8:09 am
-- about the morning of 9/11. a few of the new york firefighters were part of our crew. i have been back to the fire department many times since, and still when you shake their hand and look in their eyes you still see that pain. there is not one of us who goes to the airport and does not think about what happened on 9/11. if this is it, more power to them. >> i agree with everything he said. but i have to say this. that bombing was september 11, 2001. the fact that those buildings are not rebuild is a testament to the political infighting, the self-serving inefficiency of the
8:10 am
various levels of government. we have allowed these terrorists to keep hurting us. i build my home on the edgeç of the hudson river. i always remember going downtown and seeing those towers. the fact that that space is still empty, and other countries take a few years, the fact that eight years later we still have a vacant lot is a testament to the incompetence and corruption of the bureaucrats that have been in charge. every year i look at, every year i see nothing. you know how many times they have brought in this ceremonial cornerstone? peter: it is a testament to people who are still dying
8:11 am
today. people who are dying from complications. >> can they make a great monument and make it even bigger? i agree with you, america needs to stand tall right now. we are a proud nation. we should never let the world dictate to the united states of america. çgretchen: we need to make a clarification about the michael vick jersey. çthe nfl does not have these jurors is already made. however, you can make them custom made.
8:12 am
-- jerseys already made. >> let him play ball. he already did two years. >> indefinitely, a will not be putting my dog in a jersey. >> people that dress up their pets, that is a whole nother segment. remember to go to facebook, hellman's and build a virtual sandwich. for everyone that you make, hellman's will provide seven lunches for needy school children. çgretchen: thank you for being
8:13 am
here, billy ray cyrus and geraldo rivera. >> a m going up to martha's vineyard. if the hurricane affects the u.s., it could be there. the president will be around the area. that will be live tomorrow, and i will be interviewing some people about health care. brian: everywhere you turn, there is a candidate. thank you for joining us. >> one more thing about diamond rio -- they have more hits than pete rose. gretchen: president obama tries to get religious leaders to back him on health care reform, but is this hypocritical?
8:14 am
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8:17 am
brian, president obama reaching down to religious leaders to help push health-care reform. he is calling it a moral obligation, and he is using other metaphors to make his case. >> there are some folks up there brian, should he be using those terms?
8:18 am
white is the left not outraged that he is bringing religion into this argument? we have a guest with us. larry, are you surprised that the president is using these catch phrases? >> no, it shows heç is facing some trouble with health care reform. i know this is a bit too idealistic, and this is no lecture on how a free-market can deliver health care better than non-free markets, but i would hope that someone would think the presidmnu for his attention to our interests. but i have read the constitution. it was written by men of the legend and health care is not a right, it is a moral imperative so it is our job to lean on our membership to help those who otherwise cannot help
8:19 am
themselves. it is not a constitutional right. within it be wonderful if someone said that to him? brian: it is not going to happen. why not get religious leaders to lead the charge? is that a wise tactical move? are people going to see through it, because he never talked about the religious aspect of his life? >> it is a sign of desperation now that the public plan has been jettisoned. blue dog democrats are more fiscally conservative than their other democrats. he is talking about cutting medicare. you have a bunch of scare senior citizens. they do not believe you can provide health care for everyone of good quality, and control costs at the same time. it is a reputation of gravity and must americans do not
8:20 am
believe the government -- most americans do not believe the government can do a good job running health care. he is in trouble. [laughter] to have a health carere we goine reparation -- referendum plan? >> i do not think in the be exactly what he has mentioned. çgovernment ought to be getting out of this business. the incoming president of the canadian medical association says that their system is imploding, and all they can do is keep up with the day to day demands. we need to be moving towards privatisation. brian: now i know why you have so many listeners. you are a great speaker. thank you for being here. he was injured when serving our
8:21 am
country in iraq, and now what organization is trying to thank him with a new home.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
gretchen: welcome back. a special way to think our men and women serving in the military. homes for troops is a non-profit organization that provides specially-adapted homes for injured veterans.3 receiving a home. >> good morning, and thank you, sergeant, for your service. we definitely believe you deserve this. you were injured in iraq in 2007. tell us what happened. >> our tour was almost over, and
8:25 am
weaver had a court house in baghdad, on security. i do not know what happened but i will cut a couple of weeks later. >> you did not trip over a bridge or something, you fell 70 stories. what were your injuries and what has we have been like? >> eventually, i had both of my feet amputated. i broke my back and also had a brain injury. >> only 22 years old. you have been through a lot. we are talking about homes for troops. it is day two of the build. why is this home going to be special from the ones that other people live in? >> they build homes specially
8:26 am
adapted to your needs. çsince i am an amputee, they installed an elevator, the kitchen counter is a little bit lower. it is completely wheelchair- accessible. >> thank you soç much. we will be talking to another sergeant in the next hour. we want to let you know that homes for troops has build 40 homes since the organization was started in 2004. currently, 30 homes are under construction. gretchen: its people want to learn more about it, brian: if we are in the area, can we come over for a meal? can you cook? >> that won't be a problem.
8:27 am
>> you will have to wait for six months before -- while they finish the home, but it should be fine. >> the menu will be grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly. gretchen: and that is fine. thank you. brian: 27 minutes past the hour. gretchen: the number of swine flu victims in argentina is rising. is this what is ahead for the u.s.? peter koh and we will tell you why someone is $100,000 poorer this morning after leading police on a car chase. show and tell
8:28 am
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8:32 am
brian: there are a lot of people that feel that way. what has happened to david letterman? he is flavor and a calling protesters taliban. >> i do not even think the left wing would think that these people are the taliban. they killed six americans earlier this week. peter: a lot of americans have died as a result of this. this is just not funny. gretchen: and she would get away with it by saying it was a joke. let's see what chris wallace has to say about that. >> good morning. gretchen: the do you think that joke is over the line? >> i am not going toç get into it, i want to tell you about sunday. there has been a lot of talk about death panels, and some
8:33 am
people say that that is overstated. we want to tell youç about this book that is currently being used by the veterans of administration for end of life counseling to veterans, often returning with a terrible injuries -- with terrible injuries. it is a book that is being used on end of life counseling. i think you will be shocked when it is that health care providers and the veterans administration right now are advising, asking of veterans. it certainly seems to need in the direction of pulling the plug, if you ever get to that situation. we will speak to the man who uncovered this book, and why he calls this the death book. this is current veterans administration's policy. brian: i do not know if you
8:34 am
heard charles today, but he said maybe they should not be called the panel's, but what 80-year- old who is getting into counseling will want to be introduced to a high-tech piece of equipment to)plland and ther life? some are saying we should just expedite this process, which means less money. that is part of the savings that we are hearing. >>ç in fairness, there is anotr side of the argument. democrats believe the end of life counseling is a sensible thing. a lot of people do it. but there certainly is the question that if you have a government interested in cost containment, do they have some skin in the game, interest in
8:35 am
containing costs? particularly when we find that one third of medicare costs are spent in the last third of life. gretchen: that is not the heart of the argument. i know you will comment on this, even though you did not want to comment on david letterman. was it a good week for democrats and the obama administration? many say that their communications skills are not up to par. >> not only do you have the fight between the president and his critics on the right, but you also have this -- perhaps a more serious fights -- within his own party. you had this situation where she could not have -- pass a health care bill without the public option, and then you have kent conrad, he said we cannot
8:36 am
pass the deal in the senateç with a public policy. how do you reconcile those two positions? brian: seeing you talk, there is no doubt, if i am ever injured or sick, i want you to fill in and handle this job. >> if you ever get into that situation, i will get into some personal end of life counseling. brian: a celebrity giving me and of live counseling? that is fantastic! look at him smile. fantastic! peter: check out the show. thank you. gretchen: a reality tv show contestant accused of murdering
8:37 am
his model life. he could be hiding in canada. authorities believe brian jenkins killed her. her family and friends are begging people who know gentians to turn him in. >> he is an animal. çwhat he has done to jasmine is unspeakable. it is just not right. i appreciate your help. gretchen:ç police warned he haa criminal record and they have a gun. brian: as the who is encouraging countries to increase their swine flu vaccine, argentina is facing some major difficulties.
8:38 am
hal has argentina been impacted? >> it is wintertime here in argentina. the concern is about a second wave of infection. when you go around, you can see it has cost not only a health crisis, but an economic one as well. here is what we saw. it may take two to tango, but to keep in the antelope and, you need paying customers, something they do not have. >> i am surprised, worried about my work. >> with tens of thousands of infections, argentina is about to pass the u.s. with the amount dead from h1n1 virus. çu.s. health officials are tryg to answer two questions, is the buyer is getting more contagious, and is in getting more deadly?
8:39 am
>> working with our partners in çthe southern hemisphere givess a preview of what we can expect this fall. >> in a preview of possible masks, gloves, and vaccines. if a virus that causes fear, fear that the shutdown places where people normally gather. argentina has taken aggressive steps to shut down schools across the nation for two weeks. right now officials are trying to determine what has worked and what has not. brian: not bad when you can wear a blazer and a t-shirt in winter. thank you. peter: and 8-year-old daredevil
8:40 am
stunned when he becomes the youngest person to wingwalk. we speak to them about the fantastic experience. >> i was thinking about how amazing it was while i was up there. brian, the question is, will you do it again? >> yes. peter: his mother insists he was very safe, and she has evenç wingwalked herself. gretchen: in connecticut police get caught up in a high-speed chase with aç boat. the boat was stolen by a customer who has his heart -- had his heart set on the boat, but unfortunately was sold to another customer.
8:41 am
brian: she is only 17 years old, but without help from the state of florida, she could be killed. peter: and we are minutes away from hearing diamond rio. it is anything but the dog days of summer here. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time.
8:42 am
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and thousands of people eager to help. come on. good girl.] mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
8:44 am
peter: she is a 17-year-old girls who ran away from home in ohio, killing -- fearing that her parents would kill her for converting from islam to christianity. her parents believe she was brainwashed, but she has a
8:45 am
different idea. >> they have to kill me. my blood -- i m from a muslim background but i am a christian now. they love god more than me. they have to do this. i am fighting for my life, you do not understand. peter: frank gaffney, the centerç -- the head of the cenr for security policy. explain what happened here. she converted from islam to christianity, and now her family is seeking to bringç her back home from florida to ohio for her execution? >> we hope not. this is really test case of a door to it if law, what they call -- authoritative law, what
8:46 am
they call sharia. according to the law, she is to be killed. whether her family plans to do that, you heard her say that her father had threatened her before. she certainly has ample grounds for concern, whether it is the family or community that ratted her out. she said her family found out that she was questionechristiana mosque outside of the their home town. it is possible that someone else in the community may kill her. there is a possibility that she is sent back to tremont said. then she would be killed there. -- back to sri lanka.
8:47 am
çthere are ample reports that r schoolmates have taken her to counselors, medical personnel with cuts and bruises on her. she claims -- andç again, thiss available through atlasshrugs --that she has been burdened -- that she had been threatened with her laptop to give this up. juvenile court today will decide whether to send her back to this possible mortal threat, or not. gov. christie has the ability to intervene and make sure that does not happen. i hope he will. the hope that we will encourage him to do so in the meantime. this is a test case to see if we will allow this barbaric
8:48 am
practice of sharia law. peter, there is no direct evidence that she will be murdered -- peter: there is no direct evidence that she will be murdered? what can people do to e-mail turn depressed about this problem? >> -- charlie crist about this problem? >> just that, e-mail him. çpeter: thank you, peter. we appreciate it. they have been together for 25 years, but today they bring more heat to new yorkç city, diamond rio on the plaza. first, let's check in with bill hemmer to see what is going on.
8:49 am
bill: those pesky blue dog democrats are making headlines again. we will talk about the types of reforms they will support. they will tell us what americans are thinking. is she a he, or are doctors just confused? that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one. ♪ bicycle, what are we waiting for?
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gretchen: is our all american concert series. to do we have today? none other than diamond rio. çbrian, this is the lead singe. you have a cd, dvd, and a book coming down this summer.
8:53 am
ones that we could. brian, tell us what you have for us today. >> this is our new single "god is there." basically, it is about in the darkest times, and god is there. ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪
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-% come on. good girl.] mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it.
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it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
8:59 am
>> welcome back. here is what is coming of the scandal. >> michelleç malkin will be a w chapter talks about the new tobacco czar. alisyn: there is a new device that could prevent infant death syndrome. >>ç we have diamond rio, but we also have collective soul this weekend. brian: great to see you again. marty, yo


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